It is natural if you feel stressed before a dental procedure, but modern medical science is highly advanced, and there are ways in which the stress can be eased. Sedation dentistry can help in reducing anxiety, fear, and apprehension in patients because of which they tend to delay or completely ignore treating their oral conditions. The comfort and relief offered by sleep dentistry have made it popular among patients. Here are 5 reasons you should consider sleep dentistry:

Reduces Pain 

One of the main reasons why people avoid dental treatments is because they fear that the procedures would be painful. It is true that some procedures may cause some pain and discomfort. In contrast, sleep dentistry helps in reducing the pain, especially when the patient has to undergo major dental procedures like wisdom tooth removal, root canal treatment, etc.

Ease of Performing Dental Procedures

Both adults and kids are bound to fidget or move when they undergo any dental treatment. Even if there is no apparent pain, people are bound to shrink away even when they are casually examined. The procedure may lack efficiency or accuracy if there is too much movement in the patient. Sedating the patients before the dental procedures helps our caring dentists to execute their jobs efficiently and in a shorter time.  

Control on Gag Reflex 

Several people are sensitive to things poking in their mouths. They tend to feel an undesirable urge to sputter when something is placed in their mouth. Any dental procedure requires working with specific tools to fix the dental issues. Therefore, using tools is inevitable. Sleep dentistry eliminates this problem as the medication tends to paralyze the gagging effect temporarily for a specific period. 

Easy to Perform Multiple Dental Procedures

A patient who is suffering from multiple oral health issues may need various dental procedures. A prolonged session may cause fatigue and cause the patient to be overwhelmed. They may also be unable to bear the continual discomfort. In such scenarios, our expert dentists can suggest you to go for sleep dentistry treatment. At Buderim Dental Care, our excellent sleep dentistry service can combine your extensive dental procedures into one session, which means lesser dental visits, quick recovery, and lower cost.  

Trigger Management

Some common triggers in patients include smell, sounds, and sights of a dental clinic. For instance, the sight of dental tools or the sound of a dental drill that dentists use may trigger fear in some patients. Sleep dentistry can help eliminate these triggers, so the oral treatment is implemented safely.  

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