When can I expect my teeth to be straightened? This is a common question we get from our patients. After finally deciding to modify their smile, many people feel worried about how long it will take to get their desired straightener grin.

However, answering the preceding question is not so simple. There are several factors to consider while aligning teeth, especially since each person’s mouth is different. As dentists, we must first perform a comprehensive evaluation. Then, based on our knowledge and experience, we can recommend the most effective teeth straightening procedure for your unique circumstance. Follow this article to get a more detailed idea regarding the teeth straightening procedure.

Teeth Straightening Options

Metal braces

A ligature elastic, archwire, brackets, and bonding substance are used in this traditional tooth straightening treatment. It can take between 5 months to one year after the metal braces are placed on the teeth to obtain the desired results. The severity of your situation frequently determines the length of time it takes to straighten your teeth. However, it is usually less expensive than other teeth-straightening procedures.


Adults are increasingly choosing Invisalign as one of their treatment alternatives. Our experts will take measurements of your teeth and design bespoke aligners for you. The aligners are replaced every two months, and the procedure is repeated until the teeth are perfectly straight. Adults are less self-conscious about wearing these aligners because they are composed of translucent plastic and are less visible to others. The average treatment time for Invisalign is twelve months. However, the time varies from person to person.

Teeth Straightening Treatment Times And What To Expect

Durations for teeth straightening can vary greatly across patients, depending on the severity of crowding, spacing, and bite abnormalities, as well as the treatment approach used. Since the jaw has completed growing and developing in maturity, some adult patients may require more time for therapy because their teeth are more securely fixed than those in their teens.

Your genes can also influence the length of your teeth straightening therapy, which means your teeth may naturally move into alignment faster or slower than someone else’s. Everyone is unique, and each patient’s teeth may respond differently to a treatment.

For the majority of patients, teeth straightening using dental braces might take anywhere from 6 months to 2 years.

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While the thought of being able to miraculously straighten teeth in one visit is attractive, the truth is that this procedure takes time. Because we use gentle force to relocate your teeth – which are fixed into your jaw bone – into their ideal alignment and position, this must be done gradually to preserve the teeth from injury and make the process as pleasant as possible.

Hence, we recommend making an appointment with our experts before deciding on any treatment plan for straightening your teeth.

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