Do you dodge all your dental appointments or shiver even from the simplest of dental procedures? Would you endure the extreme pain of an aching tooth than stepping foot in a dental clinic? Well, you are not the only one who is troubled with these thoughts and emotions. Thousands suffer from fear and dental anxieties such as fear of the noise from dental instruments, pain, the smell of dental clinics, etc. Keep reading to learn more about sleep dentistry:

How does Sleep Dentistry work?

Sleep dentistry uses medication to help patients relax and feel comfortable while they are undergoing dental procedures. Sleep dentistry is also referred to as sedation dentistry. There may be different levels and types of sedation used in the process of sleep dentistry. 

The levels of sedation used usually include:

  • Minimal sedation – Where the patient is relaxed and comfortable through sedation while the dentist is treating them, but they stay awake throughout the dental procedure.
  • Moderate Sedation – This form of sedation was earlier known as conscious sedation. The patient stays awake while being treated for their condition and may also be able to speak a few words (slur), but they usually do not remember about the procedure. 
  • Deep sedation – In this form of sedation, there is some form of consciousness, but yet you cannot be awakened till the effects of the medicine administered to you fades away. 
  • Complete Sedation– When being treated with general anesthesia, the patient is completely unconscious. This form of anesthesia is given to patients who face severe anxieties and do not wish to have any memories about their treatment.

Types of Sleep Dentistry

Some common forms of sleep dentistry used are:

  • General Anesthesia 
  • IV Sedation
  • Happy Gas
  • Sedation through Inhalation or Anti-Anxiety Medication
  • Oral Sedation

We at Buderim Dental Care, understand that you may not be comfortable to undergo dental fear because of the anxieties you face. Thus, we offer sleep dentistry so you can undergo all dental procedures while being comfortable. Sleep dentistry is used along with dental treatments only after a detailed consultation session with our caring dentists at Buderim Dental Care. Our dentists interview all the patients who are to undergo dental procedures accompanied with sleep dentistry- After knowing how sleep dentistry works, patients feel stress-free and confident to go for the treatment. Administering sleep dentistry requires in-depth information about the condition of the patient, their past medical history, their previous dental treatments, if any, their budget, along with some more details.

What is the Cost of Sleep Dentistry?

The cost of sleep dentistry may vary for every patient. There are several points that may impact the cost of sleep dentistry. Some common points include the type of medicine being used for sleep dentistry, facility fee, number of hours the treatment lasts, etc. On an average the cost may be anywhere between $95 to $800 per hour. 

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