Teeth are an essential part of our mouth, they help us to chew, talk, and are responsible for our beautiful smiles. But, when our teeth are not correctly aligned, we feel something is missing in our life. Many people consult our experienced doctors in Buderim Dental Care to straighten their teeth to get their dream smile. But most people are confused about choosing the right treatment between Invisalign and braces

Both procedures are advantageous for straightening teeth. But our dentists decide the treatment depending on your problem. However, you must be curious about the best option for yourself. So, here is a guide for you – 




Braces are Useful for Different Types of Teeth Straightening

Traditional braces help to correct multiple dental problems. Whether you have unaligned, protruding teeth or crooked teeth, dental braces are perfect for all teeth straightening related dental issues. 

Braces Cannot Be Removed

If you have a kid or an impulsive teenager in your house, you are well aware that it is challenging to make them wear something for long. But with the metal braces, this problem is eliminated as they cannot be removed. Also, you do not have to follow any removal routine, and you don’t have to clean or floss them either. 

Duration of Treatment for Braces

It takes around two hours for a metal brace treatment, and sometimes the duration varies depending on the patient’s needs. In case if you want to cover the gaps between your teeth, the treatment time can be reduced considerably. 

Frequent Visits to the Dentist

You need to visit our dentists every month with your metal braces to examine the progress and tighten the wires or change them if needed. 

Restrictions on Food and Drink

With the metal braces, you cannot eat sticky or hard substance food as they can damage the brackets and wires. Also, doctors restrict the sugar-coated stuff because it can lead to cavities. 

Flossing and Brushing is Challenging

Metal braces are fixed, and sometimes it becomes a little tough to brush or floss your teeth. Due to this, you may face problems like discoloration. 

Braces are Painful and Uncomfortable

Many patients complain about their gum pain, soreness and discomforts because of the wires and brackets in their mouth. Also, a very few patients think it changes their appearance and smile. 




Invisalign is Invisible

Yes, you read it right. Invisalign are clear aligner trays that are transparent and smooth. So, no one can notice that you have worn something in your teeth. This is the reason adults prefer the Invisalign treatment. 

Invisalign is Removable

It is not fixed and can be removed easily without a doctor’s help. Our amazing dentists customize the aligner to fit onto your teeth properly and can be removed at any time. To get the best result of this treatment, you need to wear them for almost 20 to 22 hours a day. 

No Restrictions on Foods and Drinks

With Invisalign, you can eat anything you want because you need to remove them while eating. Also, you have to brush and floss after eating to avoid any damages to your teeth. 

Reduced Treatment Time

The treatment takes around six to eighteen months, depending on your problem. It is quite costly than the metal braces as the aligner trays need to be replaced after every two weeks. Our dentists make the process comfortable, so you will feel minimal discomfort during the shifting of the teeth, which will last only for the first week.

No Need to Visit the Doctor Every Month

With Invisalign, you can schedule your appointments after six to eight weeks, but you must keep replacing the aligners after every two weeks. 


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