You might have heard a lot of terrifying stories of root canal treatment. But do you think they are so painful? 

Root Canal Treatment Overview

Several people undergo root canal treatment every year. Endodontics or popularly known as root canal treatment, refers to the dental procedure that is used to treat tooth and gum infection that occurs at the center of a tooth. A root canal is a dental treatment that is beneficial and not as painful as you think. It helps save the infected tooth from further decay that might otherwise have to be removed completely.

Why Is Root Canal Treatment Required?

A root canal is necessary to treat the infection caused inside the tooth and may lead to gum infection. The reason behind the tooth infection can be numerous. It may be due to poor oral health, high consumption of tea, coffee, sugar-contained drinks, or junk food. The bacteria that are not removed while brushing or flossing get stuck around the tooth and cause tooth decay. If you are not vigilant about tooth decay and take preventive measures, it will keep increasing and infect the adjacent teeth as well. Hence, our expert dentists at Buderim recommend root canals to keep your teeth and gum healthy and fine. 

What Are The Symptoms Of That Require Root Canal Treatment?

Well, there can be several symptoms that can indicate that you need to undergo root canal treatment. Some of the most common are: 

  1. You experience pain when biting or chewing the food.
  2. Swelling of the gum near the affected tooth
  3. The infected tooth is oozing pus.
  4. Your face starts swelling.

Whenever you come across all these symptoms, it becomes essential to consult dentists as soon as possible. You must take a consultation from the best dentists in Buderim. Our dentists are extremely caring when it comes to providing any kind of dental treatment. The goal of our dentists is to make you feel comfortable during the entire procedure and do not cause any sort of pain or discomfort. 

If after the surgery you feel slight pain or irritation, you must consult our dentists immediately. They will find out the reason behind the pain and provide instant relief. You can trust that when you get treatment from our skilled dentists at Buderim Dental Care, nothing can go wrong. Besides root canal treatment, our amazing dentists would also suggest taking preventive measures that will keep your teeth protected from decay.

  1. You must brush your teeth twice a day – in the morning and at night. 
  2. To make the cleaning process effective, make use of toothpaste that contain fluorides.
  3. Ensure that you are buying a high-quality toothbrush and replacing it regularly.  
  4. You must visit the dentists every six months. In this way, you can ensure whether you are having poor oral health or not.

If you feel that your tooth is causing pain and discomfort, you can book an appointment with Buderim Dental Care. Our compassionate dentists will perform all the required tests and ensure that the root canal treatment is conducted with extra care and in an extremely gentle manner. You can book an appointment online or give us a call at   07 5445 8400 to talk to our caring team about your root canal treatment

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