There is a fairly large percentage of people who avoid dental treatments for the fear of pain. Such people prefer enduring the pain from infection rather than taking an appointment with their dentist. If you too fear visiting the dentist because of pain, then you must know that sedation dentistry helps patients in suppressing some pain so you can relax while our amazing dentists in Buderim treat you. 

Even though the dentists at our clinic are gentle when dealing with their patients, we offer sedation dentistry to those who suffer from anxiety. 

What is Sedation Dentistry?

Sedation dentistry uses sedative drugs on patients so they have an anxiety-free and relaxing experience while undergoing a treatment. Patients are mostly awake when they are given sedatives and even answer the dentists when questioned. Sedatives can be used for both simple processes such as teeth cleaning to more complicated procedures like root canal treatment with dental implants.

Common Types of Sedation Dentistry:

Here are the most common types of sedation dentistry:

Nitrous oxide

In this technique, nitrous oxide is given through a mask that is placed over the nose after combining it with oxygen. The gas helps you relax and easily wears off after our caring dentist stops its administration. It is the only form of sedation that lets the individuals travel back home the same day, without any help.

Oral Sedatives 

Oral sedation is done in the form of pills that are given to the patient atleast an hour before the dental treatment. Patients who are given this form of sedation are completely awake and in control of their body parts, but they will be quite relaxed throughout the treatment process. Our experienced dentists in Buderim will go through your medical history to ensure that the sedative is safe for you. He will also explain what you must expect after you take the sedatives. Most of the patients don’t have memory post their treatment. Someone must accompany you home after your dental treatment through oral sedatives because it takes some time to wear off.

Intravenous sedatives 

Intravenous sedation is commonly known as IV. It can put you in a deep sleep, and till it wears off, you will hardly be aware of your surroundings. You will feel very sleepy and will not remember anything when the dental treatment is over. Most patients consider it to be the best form of sedation. Our amazing dentists will explain everything to you before administering it on you.

Who Needs the Sedation Dentistry?

There are some people who may voluntarily opt for sedation dentistry while there may be others whom the dentist may approve of sedation dentistry. If you have one of these mentioned reasons, then you would require sedation:

  • If you have a general anxiety disorder, especially the fear of pain in dental treatments
  • If you have a phobia of any type of dental treatments
  • If you have a small mouth which usually gets sore when performing dental treatments
  • If you are resistant to local anesthesia
  • If you have especially sensitive oral nerves

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