A large number of people, both children, and adults find dental visits to be stressful. They tend to delay or cancel their appointments, causing their oral health to decline. With the usage of sleep dentistry, patients can undergo any type of dental procedure without experiencing excessive pain or discomfort. Getting dental treatments performed on time saves you from more complicated dental procedures that would be necessary for the future. So, if you are considering sleep dentistry as a solution to your dental fears but are hesitant to proceed, keep reading to learn – is sleep dentistry safe

What is Sleep Dentistry?

Sleep dentistry or sedation dentistry uses medication to reduce pain and discomfort that patients may experience otherwise while going through dental treatments. There are different types of dental anxieties that people may experience, which include pain, the fright of dental equipment or tools, phobia of the smell of medicines, etc. 

With the implementation of sleep dentistry, your body enters into a sleep-like state, as the sedatives calm down your body and brain. In this state, the dental procedures become painless and easy. This is why sleep dentistry has made the complex dental treatments stress-free and approachable for patients with dental anxieties.

Is Sleep Dentistry Safe?

All types of sedation are performed before the dental procedures can commence. The expert dentists go through the medical history of the patient to understand their receptiveness for the sedation. There are several things that are considered before deciding the type of sedation to be used, including:

  • The type of dental treatment that the patient requires undergoing. 
  • Is the patient allergic to certain medications?
  • Does the patient have any medical condition such as blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, or any other serious health condition?
  • Is the patient under medication? If yes, then the experts check to ensure that medication doesn’t react to the sedatives that will be administered.  
  • The age of the patient.
  • Sedatives work differently for people who consume alcohol. They are asked not to consume alcohol at least 48 hours before they can undergo their treatment.
  • Dentists suggest that you stop smoking at least 24 hours before taking the sedatives for a dental procedure. If you are to undergo a bigger dental treatment, anaesthetists advise stopping smoking 8 weeks before the procedure.

Sleep dentistry is definitely safe when it is provided by an expert and experienced team of doctors. Our caring dentists at Buderim Dental Care will guide you about the process and clarify any doubts you have during the consultation process.

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