A happy smile signifies a happy life. This is one of the reasons why it is said to take a dental visit every 6 months. However, not everyone, in particular, keeps up to this commitment. Eventually, this calls for unwanted dental emergencies, which according to research, has witnessed a hike of almost 75% in the last year. Unfortunately, in comparison to other health emergencies, a dental emergency is not taken that seriously and is often not discussed. As a result, not everyone knows what to do in the event of a dental emergency. While we offer dental emergency treatment in Buderim, it is also essential to get an idea of how to do the first aid before you visit our dentists in an emergency situation.

Reasons For Dental Emergencies

Our dentists have identified the following factors that contribute to dental emergencies:

  • Toothaches- They can result in due minor in tissue-related problems or may have something serious like bacterial growth and so on.
  • Chipped, broken, or cracked teeth- Bacterial growth left unchecked for a long time can result in a cavity, one of the leading causes of broken or cracked teeth. Other than that, a fall or getting hit hard by something can also result in a broken teeth condition.
  • Swelling- Facial swelling or gum swelling is a result of an infection in your gums or teeth.
  • Loose filling- This is a condition linked to cavity care measures. If you are facing the loose filling issue, take care for the duration of your expected dental appointment with us using sugarless gum to fill the cavity. This will take care of the sensitivity and render comfort.

Tips To Take Up To Deal With Dental Emergencies

The word ‘Emergency’ itself is enough to make anyone anxious and tense. But at the same time, emergency situations call for your calm and peace of mind to make a sane decision. Emergencies in the context of dental health refer to situations with unbearable swelling or pain, or bleeding. So check out the insights provided by our dentists on how to do the first aid in case of emergencies before you visit them for dental emergency treatment in Buderim.

Calm down and breathe

Getting tense and anxious are the first things that happen in any emergency situation. To effectively deal with it, you must first relax and take a deep breath. It’s important to focus on the problem rather than trigger your emotions.

Examine the condition

To deal with the emergency situation, it is essential to first examine the condition and the cause. You need to understand whether the emergency is a result of a traumatic injury or due to poor dental health? Whether the individual just had a bad fall and head injury along with a dental emergency or so. If the condition is associated with a collision and involves head injury, too, get the patient to the emergency care asap!

Try your best to stop the bleeding

If your patient is awake, but there is bleeding linked with the dental emergency, possibly there is no head injury associated with the case. You need to make him/her open their mouth and find the cause of the issue. It can be due to soft tissue trauma or gum bleeding. Take some ice and hold it on the bleeding spot for 15 to 20 minutes at least. If it stops bleeding, you are good for the time being but make your appointment with our dentists as early as possible to avoid experiencing such an onset again.

Deal with a cracked tooth issue

If there is nothing related to cuts or bleeding or head injury, the reason can possibly be a cracked tooth or a tooth that has fallen off the gums. In the case of the second condition, it is recommended to stow the tooth immediately. The chances of salvaging your fallen-off tooth are high if the same is stored instantly under a hygienic and safe space and the duration you visit our dentist is vital. Adults have the privilege of washing the debris with milk and making an attempt to put the tooth back there into the socket. If you fail to do that, put the tooth in a jar of milk, enclose it and bring it to our dentist as a part of your dental emergency treatment in Buderim. In the case of kids, get in touch with your dentists at the earliest. If possible, take off any fragments present to keep the risk of inhalation at bay.

Remember that no dental injury should be neglected, as that can give rise to bigger complications later.

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