Over time, the orthodontic spectrum has excelled and advanced to the artistic level. Braces were once one of the key components of the orthodontic framework, but the Invisible Aligners, better known as Invisalign, have risen to prominence in the dental world. Since invisible aligners are a popular dental treatment in today’s world, they have consistently demonstrated their effectiveness. Your teeth’ structure will be aligned and given the proper setting with the Invisalign procedure, enabling you to get your desired smile. The visibility of the Invisalign is comparatively low, making it difficult to notice at first glance.

If you choose Invisalign, you essentially agree to wear clear aligners daily for a year or two. Over the course of the procedure, you will need to use various aligners, each of which will have a different shape from the one before it. This process will gradually push your teeth’s proper alignment.

Your teeth will be permanently positioned in their new places at the end of the procedure. The clear aligners won’t have to be worn continuously any longer. To sustain the results, you must continue to wear them at night.

Continue reading the article to learn more about how Invisalign might enhance your appearance.

What Determines The Shape Of Your Face?

Before jumping into how Invisalign can change your face, you must understand the factors that determine the shape of your face.

Have you ever wondered how your face got its particular shape? Why do some people naturally have long, thin faces while others have powerful characteristics like an angular jaw? You probably won’t be surprised that genetics significantly influences your face shape.

The foundational bones of our face are our jawbone, brow bone, and cheekbone. There is a fair amount of skin, muscle, and fat on top of this. Naturally, your face will appear softer the more flesh and fat you have on it. The general shape of our faces can therefore be influenced by various factors, including age, weight, and lifestyle choices, in addition to heredity.

So, now you know the factors that generally affect the shape of your face. Keep reading to learn whether Invisalign will change the shape of your face.

Will Invisalign In Buderim Change Your Face?

Will Invisalign change your face? Yes, there is a chance that you could develop a new face. If you have an overbite or underbite, orthodontic treatment frequently entails expanding the palate and shifting your jaw to correct your bite. Your facial structure and features may slightly change because of these modifications. Since an underbite is frequently accompanied by a jetted-out bottom jaw, treating it with Invisalign will undoubtedly change your face structure.

Your teeth can be straightened and gaps can be filled with Invisalign aligners, which can slightly change the profile of your face. Have you ever witnessed someone with dentures or lacking teeth? They frequently have the appearance of having a recessed jaw. Therefore, you might feel your facial profile is “fuller” when your teeth are straight and any gaps between them are filled. Sometimes the changes are so subtle that nobody else can even detect them, yet you might feel a tiny difference.

The best way to find out if this orthodontic procedure will change your face is to come into our Buderim office for a personal consultation. We will carefully inspect your teeth and determine the severity of your dental problems during this appointment. If this procedure is likely to change the contour of your face, we will inform you.

Enhance Your Smile At Buderim Dental Care

Crowded teeth, crooked teeth, and other orthodontic difficulties can make you look less attractive and raise your risk of serious dental problems. With Invisalign, you may correct these flaws without needing noticeable braces and get a gorgeous smile. Visit Buderim Dental Care to find out more about this cutting-edge orthodontic procedure.

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